Fully Customizable Spice Blend Line

HB Blends is part of a personal dosing system that allows you to customize your dose in the comfort of your own home. Make it as easy or as complex as you like. Sprinkle on top of any existing meal or create your own recipe with these amazing and tasty spice blend options. Whether you are someone that enjoys trying new flavors or someone that enjoys the relief of using CBD, the options are really endless.

  • Un-Infused Options

    Many options available to add a nice fresh flavor to any recipe. Soups and dips now available also!

  • CBD Infused Options

    Now Available!!!

    Many options now available with CBD to take dinner to a new level with the same tasty flavor!

  • THC Infused Full Spectrum Options


    Only available to patients with a current OMMA Medical card at locations listed. Ask for them at your local dispensary.